The wine shop Papà Noè is a timeless love story.

It is the story of the passion that keeps Mario and Chicca united for over fifty years. Active pioneers of Torino’s oenological history, their adventure into the world of champagne began half a century ago, in a constant and meticulous research of the lesser known french maisons with a precise goal: to surprise and amaze clients, to make them fall in love and to never let them go.

Hence the incredible journey of the Panizza family began, nowadays represented by their son Massimiliano.

It was the fifties, the economic boom, everyone was willing to have fun and to completely abandon themselves to the pleasures and the luxuries the ”dolcevita” had to offer.

A good meal, a good glass of wine, friends…it was mandatory to make a stop at Papà Noè  of Corso Alcide De Gasperi, right in the middle of the area “Crocetta”.

A journey into the flavors of the world which managed to preserve charme and prestige in the new location of corso Stati Uniti 11.

Recently renewed and consacrated to the activity of wine bar, enoteca Papà Noè remains a milestone in Piedmont’s oenological scene.

A story that will never stop to amaze, like a beautiful woman who gains charm over time.

A perfect balance between the present day and the past, without neglecting the innovations.